Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Motorola site redesign reveals Xoom 2, Tracy XL watch, and more

       Pocketnow got some images of a redesigned Motorola site featuring several new devices, and were subsequently forced to remove them. Read on for more details.

   The images reveal a host of unannounced devices. This leak confirms the existence of the Xoom 2, which looks to feature a much smaller bezel around the edges. After the less than stellar launch of the original Xoom, we can only imagine that Motorola has put some serious thought into the design of the Xoom 2. With the market quickly becoming saturated by Android tablets, the Xoom 2 will have to deliver in order to stand out. Chief competition will be the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the iPad 2. If Moto fails to get the price right, or sends out another half-baked product, the next Xoom will most likely meet the fate of the original.

    Next we have the "Slimline" and the "Zaha". These are extremely slim keyboard-less devices. Given the obvious thought put into the design, it isn't a stretch to imagine these will be flagship devices of some sort. 

  The "Pearl", pictured at the bottom, features a much thicker bezel, which suggests it may be lower down on the totem pole, possibly a messaging-centric device of some sort.

   Another interesting device is the "Tracy XL", a wristwatch. I would imagine this would be another gadget with Android connectivity in mind. Having a watch that could link up with your Android phone would be nice. We have to applaud Moto for continually trying to innovate with things like the Tracy, and the Atrix Laptop dock. Even if first iterations fail to take off, it is this type of forward thinking that will drive the mobile industry.

Source: Pocketnow

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